In and out of toon!

Just finished creating these little treasures.
Each paintings measures 6x6 inches and is created with a backdrop of cartoon collage. Over the collage I painted a face in acrylics and acrylic liquid pen.
As you can see - these ladies are not in a funny mood. Well such is life, some times we're in tune and sometimes we're out of tune...

Not amused
Somewhat bruised
Not funny
Thoughts are runny
Not comical at all
Out of wherewithal
Not humorous and not entertaining
So be my sunshine while it is raining


Sensual Splashing

All set for summer, bring on the heat
Hello to sandals and bare naked feet
Take off the layers slow and discreet
Sensual Splashing – a refreshing treat
Come out to party and dance in the street
I’ll hold on to summer and hope we will meet

Painting: Sensual Splashing, 24x24, acrylic, available here


Pure and Simple

A Friend in need - Is a friend indeed
A pat on the back - Gets me back on track
A simple friendly smile - I’ll go the extra mile
An ear that hears my cry - Makes me strong to try

A Friend through thick and thin - Keeps away the loony bin

Pure and Simple
36x24 inches, acrylic/collage


Painted Words 4 - A Collaboration

a survivor's perspective

Text by Jennifer Page

I am not sure why i think this subject belongs on a business site...and perhaps it does not. perhaps it is totally irrelevant to the bottom line, the customer experience, employee moral, giving motivational speeches, acquiring investors, data analytic's, product development..etc. etc etc.

but...i am going to write about it anyway....simply because my instincts tell me it does belong on linkedin. and as always, since we still have freedom of speech in this country...you, the businesses woman, the marketing guru, the SEO. the CEO, the artist, the teacher, the electrician, the investor, the engineer...you get to weigh in..... you get the choice to read this or not..you get the choice to comment...you get to voice your opinion..... and me....i get to write.

P.T.S.D ..post traumatic stress disorder is what this acronym stands for.... (not to be confused with P.M.S.) in case you have not come across the acronym before.

In its most simplistic form..what it truly is...is the bodies reaction to trauma. overwhelming and unprocessed trauma. and the deal is, if you have it...your mind has basically taken your body hostage....and at the end of the day...your are flooded with an overwhelming sense of shame. not because you did anything wrong,not because you were born with it....but because something so traumatic happened in your life, where you simply had no control...that your brain decide to freeze up..to zone out..to block out..to go on hiatus...so that you could continue living.

and when and if your brain begins to thaw out......hold on for the nightmare of your life. you will begin to fight a battle for survival that no human being can adequately put words to...no artist has a canvass, tall or wide enough to paint the emotions you will feel...no doctor will be able to give you a pill to make the demons go away.

you will have to crawl your way through hell and back...you will have to dig deeper into your soul than you ever thought possible, your body will shake to the bone releasing the terror, you will want to die and live at the same time... and you will pray to the gods... to give your brain.... just five....five simple minutes.... to be still.

and when you begin to come out the other side...when your body and mind gently slows down, when you have done the work so that you can breathe again.. .when you rise up to greet the day.....i pray...that you take that ugly word ...shame... that held you down from pursuing your dreams, that kept you back from taking that promotion, that froze you in your tracks from giving that speech, that fooled you into thinking that you did not deserve that raise, ...i pray that you take that word and tell it "to get lost"....

and as you walk out that door..and muster up the courage.... to begin your life again...hold your head up high, your shoulders back and strut back into this world...knowing who and what you truly are...


"A Diamond is Forever".......the strength and beauty that lies below the wounds
.Artwork by ,Therese Lydia Joseph www.therese-joseph.com


what Jennifer Page says about herself: i love to write about the human experience,my observations on life. Short vignettes, that i hope allows the reader to stop for a moment, and reflect on the simple nuances we encounter in our daily lives.

I collaborate with artist from around the world. Picking pieces that capture a visual image of the underlying meanings of my writings.


Painted Words 3 - A Collaboration


why we need you

I promise...pinkie swear and double cross...there will be absolutely no male bashing what so ever in this read. Gentlemen...please hear me out as i explain in my humble opinion, what is sorely missing for women who would like to pursue leadership roles.

Our stories..... images of us......you as men quoting us in the boardrooms. You as Ceo's.... Presidents..... Fathers.... Coaches.... Director's...holding up pictures of women who have accomplished amazing feats.

I can honestly say that during my 12 plus years in the telecommunications industry, not once did any male that led the meetings I attended, refer to a great woman in history who had in someway or another been a role model of success. Not one book written by a woman was ever handed to me by a male in a position of power, on how to succeed. And being true to my earlier promise, i am truly not bashing you, i am just making an observation.

You see, the deal is we all have a human need to see an image of ourselves up on "the screen of life" and I believe we need the gentlemen of this world to start being "the producers" of this film. We need you to refer to us as role models in your boardrooms, your staff meetings, in the stories you are sharing with your daughters.

We as women of course can, and are doing this, for ourselves......however, I believe that the gentlemen out there have a certain power.....and when it is used graciously .... it gives credence to a women's voice.

Although i was born and currently live in Canada, I spent most of my life living in the United States. If you think about it..... to date, not one of our U.S. Presidents can ever refer to a former female President..... when he is quoting history. Our Presidents, our history books, the media...no one can show a picture of a female President. And though this very simple fact may seem trivial to you....for one moment..... i ask you to stop.... and realize that we collectively as women have never.... ever... seen our image reflected back to us in the most powerful position in our country.

So gentlemen...i am asking you to step out of your comfort zone. I am asking you to empower women by referring to our historic work and quoting us in your next staff meeting. Perhaps... talk about Amelia Earhart.... when you want to motivate your staff. Speak... about Helen Keller..... when you are encouraging your employees to overcome a difficult setback. Showcase.... Oprah Winfrey... when you speak on how to grow a business.

Talk to your daughters about the incredible female doctor who may have saved your friends life. Tell your son's about the female engineer who came up with the solution at work today.

I don't expect it will feel natural to quote a woman.

But, I encourage you to give it a try.......you have a tremendous power to mold the future landscape for the women in your lives

Artwork: "Horse Whisperer"... by,Therese Lydia Joseph,  www.therese-joseph.com


jennifer lynn page.... about me: i love to write about the human experience,my observations on life. Short vignettes, that i hope allows the reader to stop for a moment, and reflect on the simple nuances we encounter in our daily lives.

I collaborate with artist from around the world. Picking pieces that capture a visual image of the underlying meanings of my writings.

I love how this particular painting, is symbolic of the underlying meaning of my article...behind the face of this beautiful woman, a man is intertwined in the work. Therese, the artist, painted the woman's face over a collage of a cowboy riding a bucking horse. Please check out Therese's blog (below) if you would like to see how she uniquely crafted this piece


If you would like to contact me for facilitating creative writing workshops I can be reached via Linkedin or at pagepnk@aol.com. I believe that unleashing the mind through creative writing, unlocks our perception on how we view situations, people, our routines and the world around us. It allows a unique way to problem solve by exploring and expanding our own creativity. A valuable business or personal tool for growth.

I am also skilled at writing creative advertising. I look forward to hearing from you.

.. jennifer ..


Painted Words 2 - A Collaboration


I am feeling the emotions of making a decision...
a big decisions..the one that carries deep emotions
the kind of decision where there is no black or white
the grey decision......the hardest of all
and as i ride the waves of emotions that roll over my heart
i wait for the dust to settle...to see where my decision leads me

Footnote: Currently Jennifer Page focuses on a new career as a creative writer....brief vignettes on her observations, thoughts and emotions on life's journey...capturing words of moments just as a photographer would take a photo... "Would love the opportunity to model, representing mature women in the fashion industry...lovely gray..a true untapped market i believe. However...i still enjoy being a facilitator(see below)...and will look for ways to weave that in with my love for writing.", says Jennifer.
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Painted Words 1 - A Collaboration

For The Ladies Over 50

to all my girlfriends...and yes i know we are grown women, but i will always call you my girlfriends...i just came inside from sitting on the porch having my evening cup of coffee (de-caf, of course) and i was observing all the kick-ass women walking by and i am talking the over 50 and 60 crowd...and they are stylish, and some talk to themselves, and some stop and take pictures of the beautiful fall trees...and we all acknowledge each other with a smile or a nod and once in a while a brief chat,,,and it just reminds me of the sisterhood we all share at this age...we all have that respect for each other knowing we have shared similar journey's in this up and down roller coaster of life...and i love the quiet acknowledgement we give each other....that says..good on ya gal

Footnote: Currently Jennifer Page focuses on a new career as a creative writer....brief vignettes on her observations, thoughts and emotions on life's journey...capturing words of moments just as a photographer would take a photo... "Would love the opportunity to model, representing mature women in the fashion industry...lovely gray..a true untapped market i believe. However...i still enjoy being a facilitator(see below)...and will look for ways to weave that in with my love for writing.", says Jennifer.
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Right off the bat,
I like to apologize for writing half English and half German, a language you might not understand. This short poem would not have the same ring in just one language. You may refer to the translation at the end of this post.
Enjoy and fight your way through it!

Kiss and Make Up

Kissenschlacht und pillow fight
Er ist stark but she is right
Federn fliegen sanft and slow
Achtung los - a mighty throw 
Screams and giggles, laut gelacht
Play again - hat spass gemacht
Pillow schlacht und kissen fight
Nächstes mal let's play it light 

Painting: Kiss and Make Up, 20x20 inches, acrylic and newspaper collage

Kissenschlacht und ( pillow fight and) pillow fight
Er ist stark (He is strong) but she is right
Federn fliegen sanft (feathers fly softly) and slow
Achtung los (Attention ready set go) - a mighty throw 
Screams and giggles, laut gelacht (laugh out loud)
Play again - hat spass gemacht (it was fun)
Pillow schlacht und kissen (fight and pillow) fight
Nächstes mal (next time) let's play it light 


Should Artists have artistic signatures?

Signing a work is frequently the gesture marking a work's completion — the moment, as Picasso put it, that it is ready to be "abandoned."

- Should you sign your art so people can actually read it?
- Does your signature look artistic enough? 
- Is your signature as unique as you are?
- Do you treat your signature as an integral part of the creative process?
- Should you always sign on the front or can you sign on the side or the back of your painting?
- Do you give your signature the credit it deserves?
- Should you sign a painting that have not reached the standard of your best work?

This 50 second video shows how my unique artist signature was born.
- Your signature on your art declares that officially the work is completed.
- Your signature declares and identifies that the artwork is unmistakable your creation - for the rest of it's existence.
- Your signature is your personal seal of approval.
- The presence of a signature tend to support the market value of a work.
- A signature establishes the artist's participation in its making. 
- Generally a signature is added for the need to keep possessions secure.

Quote from ArtLex:
"Just as the names of people take various formal and informal styles, artists have been known to sign their works in a great variety of ways. Signing marks have sometimes been the initials of an artist's name (a monogram perhaps), or an impression from a stamp, or a symbol"

- How big or long - Front or back - What colour or style - ARE NOT THE PROBLEM 
- The most serious signature problem is - HAVING NO SIGNATURE


Do you miss your paintings and regret you sold them?

I don't know if I am the only artist feeling lonely?
Not because I lack friends, family and fellow artists. I have plenty of those. I feel deserted and left behind because some of my artwork has moved on to a new place, a new life and it no longer includes me.
Like these three ladies here:

 "Fuchsia"                                "Chili"                                       "Mauve"

Honestly: "I miss them all".

Sometimes when I look at images of paintings I sold, I get overwhelmed with a sense of regret. I wish I had held on to them. I can best compare it with the emotional ride I embark on every time I look at the family album. Oh how I wish I could turn the clock back to relive those precious moments.... 

Family get-togethers from one side of the world to the other.

(left) our children with grandpa in India
(right) our son visiting grandma in Switzerland

(left) Wanting to be just like Dad
(right) Family trip before the youngsters leave the nest

I can totally understand and justify getting all wrapped up in an emotional tangle over my own children's and my parents memories. But to feel this way about a painting I created seems to be "Nostalgia in Excess". Family is flesh and blood but a painting is just a material thing.

(left) This painting grew on me. I had it for about 2 ½ years before it sold. Still felt a sense of loss when I shipped it overseas.  
(right) This painting sold in 2013 - I miss my teen. 

Like the majority of artists, I do put my heart and soul into my work. When the work sells I often get thrown into temporary “separation anxiety mode". Normally it dwindles away fairly quickly. I don't have difficulties parting with things like household items, clothes, accessories, tools, books, cds  etc. I am a firm believer in "Less is More". But there are a few paintings which are now in the hands of new families and new owners - and I miss them. On one hand I can justify the difficulties to detach myself from a piece of art I created. On the other hand I struggle with accepting that after three or four years I still feel a knot in my stomach when I look at the image of some of my sold work. 

I wonder if other artists
- travel the road of nostalgia and regret?
- feel homesick for their own artwork after it sold? 
- wish they could get their artwork back?

Drop me a line and share your experience.


Small Squares

Here are two paintings I like to share with you... because I had so much fun with the process of those two small squares.

1 - tearing out as many bikes as I could find in magazines
2 - finding a way to fit a face into a jungle of bikes was a challenge
3 - had to be daring to cover up big part of the collage
4 - check out the before and after

A PRETTY RIDE  -  8x8 inches  -  acrylic/collage

1 - pasting an entire page of a cowboy on a bucking horse I found in a magazine
2 - had to turn the horse on it's side to fit a face on the canvas
3 - Can you see the cowboy's lasso, the horse's ear and eye?
4 - check out the before and after

HORSE WHISPERER  -  8x8 inches  -  acrylic/collage


5enses - Are up to something!

We, the 5enses are preparing for our big annual 4 day event.

We will be showing new artwork

Lori Bagneres - semi abstract, acrylic, mixed media
Sara Morison - abstract, acrylic, cold wax and oil, mixed media
Therese Joseph - figurative abstract, acrylic, collage, mixed media
Mena Martini - Semi abstract, Landscapes, oil and acrylic
Catherine Fields - abstract, acrylic

Take a look what we have been up to in preparation for Harmony Arts


What to do with old paintings?

Roll them up and ship them out!

A couple of weeks ago I got into cleaning mode - or I should say into 'clearing mode'. I had to make space for my son's home gym - a monster in the house. So I started cleaning out my sewing, knitting and quilting armoire. Then moved over to the studio to see what I don't need any longer. Well, an hour later I dragged 42 paintings on paper out the door... sizes from 48x48 in down to 12x12 in.

With mixed feelings of 

I made 4 piles 

 I rolled up the giants, square heads, skinnies and cry babies
brought them to the recycling depot.


I very quickly got over the fear of loosing something valuable and irreplaceable. Parting with these old works is in fact was
liberating. It brought about a sense of newness, excitement and hope for better things. You should try it. Get rid of old works if it is no longer a true representation of your art making at this time. If you have outgrown it because you emerged as an artist - get rid of it. If you have changed your style and evolved into a new direction - get rid of it. BUT having said that, I would encourage you to keep at least 1 - 3 works. So you can look back and smile. So you can see the progress and go on your artistic journey again and again.



A couple of weeks ago I took all the tiny canvasses I had in storage and went on a 
No need to say more. Just enjoy.

1 - choose newspaper comics

2 - collage comics on canvasses

3 - transfers over comics

4 - paint with acrylic paints 
use transparency and lift off technique


6x6 in, acrylic/collage

6x6 in, acrylic/collage

6x6 in, acrylic/collage

6x6 in, acrylic/collage

6x6 in, acrylic/collage



on a cold November afternoon last year. 
Artist Iris Low and I, Therese Lydia Joseph, dragged all our paints, brushes, rags and buckets to the North Shore Neighourhood House (NSNH) in North Vancouver. We set up 10 easels, on each easel we placed a 16x24 inch canvas and hoped for the best. One by one they showed up - some shy, some talking and giggling and some came with their babies and some did not show up at all...  The coordinator of the NSNH brought in the rest of the supplies: Pizza, Cookies and a veggie plate. Now we were all set!


between the ages of 16 and 23 came to paint for a couple of afternoons with Iris and myself. Some teens never painted before, some started with an idea and ended up with something completely different and some had a fixed plan they pursued all the way to the end. Some were fast and some were distracted. Some loved pink and others black. Some were focused and some kept talking, eating and leaving for a while. Some had their minds set on creating art for their child and some rocked their babies between brushstrokes. 


or how the teens painted - it was a delight to see these young parents engaged in the process of art-making. At times it was emotional, at times it was funny and hilarious and sometimes we were at a crossroad and did not have an answer. In the end each teen was proud and pleased with their work. Iris and I were exhausted but encouraged. We were amazed with the vibrancy and the energy that filled the room as we admired the finished paintings. 

We would do it again in a heart beat. 

Iris and I had the idea to somehow add the teens artwork to the back door entrance of the NSNH. The 15 ft high entrance consisting of a double glass door surrounded by large window panes would be ideal. So out came the camera... We photographed each painting, put the high resolution files through Photoshop and came up with an artistic concept... no need to say more.  
Watch this short video and you'll get the 
"aha - oh I see - wow cool" 

The NSNH threw an "Unveiling Party" for the teens, guests and artists. Everyone admired the collaboration of this project. It was possible thanks to the financial support from the City of North Vancouver and the Arts Office, the partnership with the NSNH, the installation by Speedpro Signs and the 9 teen parents who participated in our workshops. 

check out and walk through the back door of the NSNH and see  - no - experience the magical effect the artwork displays in the foyer. 
It's a rainbow of colours with a kaleidoscopic twist 
A reflection of light and dance of shadows 
Quite spectacular!


Landscape in French

March 7, 2014 I was at Pauline Johnson French Immersion Elementary School practicing my French.

Standing in front of 28 grade 5 students with their eyes and ears glued on me, I made it through the introduction of the proposed art project. 

Once we started picking, ripping and tearing out pieces of newspaper, French was flowing and so was the glue. 

I called upon the BUILDERS and the ENGINEERING among the kids to create a cityscape with a peaceful waterfront. They collaged the already selected pictures to the surface of the canvas - pictures of sofas, crosswords, suitcases, fast cars, groceries, stock market results, real estate, fashion, and tons of fun words and phrases.

Then I asked the ARCHITECTS and SURVEYORS among this fine bunch of 10 year olds to ensure that the buildings were perpendicular. They added interest and appeal to the structures. 

Next in line were the DESIGN and ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS. They had to make sure the water was pure and transparent; the air was clear and clean; the streets, alleys and waterfront were attractive and inviting. 

Last but not least we had the INSPECTORS, a group of kids to come and finish up the painting. They added final touches and gave the seal of approval. 

Everyone - teacher, class parents, kids and me the FREELANCER had a great time and were pleased with the results. 

This project was done in 2 hours - this was possible because of great teamwork, creativity and a positive attitude of all the grade 5 students at Pauline Johnson School.