What is MIXED MEDIA? Part 1

In a nut shell
As soon as you put more than one thing on your canvas you can call it MIXED MEDIA!
I love to put anything and everything that tickles my fancy on a canvas...

Here are some of my favorite things:
Contents of my pantry

    Semolina, Cornmeal, Cousoucs and Rice
     are some of of the things that work really well in a painting when using acrylic paints.
    I use coarser grains like
    Oats, Wild Rice and Millet
    or even crushed 
    on my bigger paintings.

    See below a close up of one of my paintigs that features cornmeal and wild rice.
    Let me know if you like it.

    Here is the painting:
    Amongst Pines 1 - Mixed Media - 16x16 in framed
    available $300

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    1. Cousocus...That is interesting. I enjoyed readin this blog post and I am suddently craving cheese and cherries!