Naturally dyed Easter Eggs - My Swiss Tradition

Growing up, year after year my mother and I made these decorative and beautiful Easter eggs using only natural products.

It's super easy, fun project is also eco-friendly and non-toxic!

Here is how:

Use white raw eggs.

Gather small ferns, dandelion leaves, grasses or flower peddles.

Place some of the gathered plants around the egg.

Hold them tight by wrapping the egg in a piece of pantyhose.

Tie the ends with rubber bands.
Make sure the plants sit firmly on the egg and the pantyhose is tight - but don't crack the egg - remember they are raw!

Gather red and golden onion skins.

Fill a pot with onion skins and place the wrapped eggs nestled between the onion skins in the pot. Add cold water. Make sure all the eggs are surrounded by onion skins and covered completely with water.

Heat and boil for 10 - 15 minutes.

Take the eggs out of the pot. Let cool for 5 minutes. Take off the rubber bands, the pantyhose and the plants. The egg will be white underneath the plant and golden brown/red everywhere else.

Polish the warm egg with a little bit of vegetable oil. It’ll make ‘em really shine!

Place them in a basket, a box or a nest - display them and voila! Gorgeous, natural, non-toxic eggs!
And they’re edible (don’t worry – they won’t take on any of the onion flavor!)

Happy Easter!


  1. This is great and the pictures are so helpful. Thanks so much!

  2. you're welcome, Scott. Hope your Easter was a great and happy one.

  3. This is fun! I will try it with the kids :)

    1. they would love it... let me know if you have any questions. Better start collecting onion skins now.... red and brown ones. Good luck!

  4. I learnt to do this from my mum, who was Swiss, and have carried on the tradition with my children. They look so great on the table at Easter.

    1. It's a tradition worth keeping, all natural, fun for the whole family and non of that artificial dye leaking through the shell and discoloring the egg white. Bravo, mach so weiter... as we would say in Swiss German. (Good for you, keep it going!)