C - Automatic Drawing

First I like to tell everyone that anyone can draw... Surprised?
Do little children ever tell you that they don't know how to draw? NO not really - they take the NIKE slogan very seriously - they JUST DO IT!

Here is one way you can do it:

1. Paper and pencil, crayon, charcoal, pastel, felt pen or what ever writing tool you choose...
- scribble quickly, fast, without hesitation... anything you fancy...

- if that does not work - do it while you are on the phone with your best friend

- if that does not work - do it while you are watching a movie

The secret is to keep your mind on the conversation so you do not think what you are doing.
Most people have trouble engaging the right side of the brain and switching the left one off. Keeping busy with something else while doodling can be helpful. Try listening to music or sing like you would if you were in the shower.

Here is another way you can do it too:
2. Paper (large 2ft - 4ft square), black paint, brush of your choice
- hang the paper on the board, easel or wall
- step back 6 ft with you brush loaded with black paint
- when ready make one quick impulsive mark and immediately step back 6 ft

- load up the brush with paint again, look and take in what you see for a few seconds
- briskly walk up to the paper and make your second impulsive mark, stop and step back 6 ft

- repeat this dance until you are satisfied with your drawing

- you will be amazed, surprised, shocked and maybe dumb founded what came out of you

TRY IT - IT IS FUN very LIBERATING and THERAPEUTIC to say the least.

Here are some others I did to warm up... The two paintings below are taken a step further. I added white paint and started filling in some areas to flux, then make more black marks, white and gray marks, flux and so on...

will just do it for you.
You are just the tool.


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