D - Repetition

Repetition gives a painting or a drawing structure. The motif that is repeated often hold the drawing together it can be added in a variety of sizes, tones or colours. The form, line or shape of a motif can be varied as well. A motif can be distorted, lengthened or made fatter or thinner. Repetition can also be a pattern, a sequence a line-up of one or more chosen motifs. Here are some examples...

Therese Lydia Joseph 2011
"Juggling Life" Repetitive motif (figure 8)
48x48 in, acrylic/mixed media on paper

For the painting above I chose the figure "8" as the repetitive motif. The "8" was drawn on the blank paper with a variety of drawing tools followed by black paint. Next I painted random colours and drew more "8" shapes, painted again and repeated this until I was satisfied of the result. This was a very enjoyable exercise.

Therese Lydia Joseph 2011
"Dandelion on the Move" Repetitive motive
48x32 in, acrylic/mixed media on paper

The above painting features on of my favorite symbols: the dandelion seed with the "parachute", the fluffy white thing that transports the seed to it's mystery destination. The process was the same as for the first painting.

For more information of "Repetition" or "Repetition of Motif" I recommend you see

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  1. Therese ....... though abstracted ..... do you see an image of a ladies face in dandelion on the move?