MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #7: "Opposites: Splatter and Lines"

It was a sunny day.
Students asked if they could paint outside. "Of course - good idea!" I said.

"Lets do something fun and crazy - a bit of Pollock, a bit of Mondrian and a whole lot of yourselves."

Kids were asked to to the following:

1 - Paint the canvas any how they please
2 - Prepare 3 - 4 colours of runny paint each in its own container with it's own brush
3 - Attach and/or lay a variety of objects on top of the painted canvas
4 - When satisfied with the layout take one of the prepared runny colours and splatter it in random or controlled strokes onto the surface
5 - Repeat (4) using the other colours until you satisfied with the coverage and the splatter pattern
5 - Take off some of the objects during the splash and splatter routine if desired
6 - Let painting dry completely
7- Take off all objects
8 - Cover up sections with tape to create lines, zig-zags or curves
9 - Paint with dry paint between the taped lines
10 - Let dry and lift tape off - repeat (8) and (9) with another color if desired




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