What is MIXED MEDIA? Part 2

Working with cheese cloth, threads and other textiles

What looks good together?
For a fine/delicate look: - Cheese cloth, threads, fine lace, silk and other fine fabrics
                                       - from the kitchen cupboard - semolina and cornmeal

For a coarse/bold look:  - Burlap, wool/yarns, other textiles with a loose weave
                                       - from the kitchen cupboard - rice, oatmeal and millet

How to prepare the selected textiles?
Cut off what you need. It's best to manipulate the pieces into the shapes you like. Simply rip, tear, pull, distort and poke the fabrics. Try not to use weaved edges.

Option 1 - lay your pieces on the unpainted canvas. Find a composition you like.
               - paste them down with medium - let dry and paint your picture.

Option 2 - paint your canvas and add the textiles as you progress with your artwork.
               - Thinner pieces can be added right into the painting with acrylic paint.

See work in progress and finished artwork below:

pasted on
a coloured

Cheese cloth pasted
on the figure while
painting is in process
(bottom left)

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