MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #11: "Thrifty Business part 2"

All these pieces of art have been created by children ages 6 - 12 years old. The budget for this class was a challenge. But I came up with a very thrifty idea.

I made a trip to the RONA, the local hardware store. Just my luck they had a humongous cardboard box full of snow-shovels. No, I was not interested in the shovels but in the box. The thickness of the cardboard was 3/4 inches. Yes, perfect to use as a background for paint and mixed media.

But - boy oh boy was it ever hard to cut. After a couple of blisters on the palm of my hand they were ready for class. Each student got a 16 x 16 inch board and here are the results... amazing eh?


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