Fragments of Soul - Amy Dryer

I can go into a gallery and instantly pick out Amy’s work. Her distinctive style of bright colours and vibrant emotions stands out anywhere. J.Sharma, M. Sc

I came across Amy Dryer through twitter. The moment I saw her profile picture I new I had to look up this artist from Calgary. I checked out her website and her blog. I immediately fell in love with her paintings, especially the figures. The featured paintings I chose for this blog are some of my favorites. They just take my breath away... 


On the surface Amy Dryer exudes a gentle sense of calm, beauty and introspection; however, her intense inner passions are skillfully expressed in her powerful paintings. One can discover everything about Amy in her brushstroke. P.V.Ginkel

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Amy Dryer attended the Alberta College of Art and Design, the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and the Fine Art program at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has been painting full time since 2002 and exhibits in Saint John, NB; Toronto, ON; Old Montreal QB and Calgary AB. Her work is collected in private and public collections in Canada and the US. Amy is based in Calgary, AB.

Amy made the front cover of ART AVENUE in December 2007

Amy's work is situated within the artistic and theoretical spectrum of German expressionism. Her style is bold, free and personal. It tends to combine contrastive colors with immediate expressive gestures. This technique conveys a sense of energy and power to a viewer – a power of emotional expression. Though her brush strokes may be aggressive, they are balanced by a sensitivity to line, form and draftsmanship and they vary from being dramatically layered to elegantly simple, Amy explores abstract themes of movement, stillness, and transformation.

See this video of Amy paitning a man playing the cello and a couple dancing tango:

Her recent work focuses on women’s private, unseen moments that pass and are gone and the images of children become swirling moments of gesture and recollection.  Her expressive combination of bold brush strokes and soft drawing lines capture the under-layers, subtleties, complexities, and vulnerabilities of everyday moments.

Watch Amy at work

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  1. Therese,
    oh wow! I am impressed, so expressive (that's what expressionism does..), beautiful images, bold and powerful. My favorite out of these is the beach chairs, I guess I will have to check her out, too!!

    Dankeschön dafür, werde sie mir mal näher anschauen,