MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #15: "Sew your Painting" - Can you do that?

What do you get when you put a group of girls, textiles, yarns and notions together in a painting class?


Today we took painting to a new level.

The students were free to pick materials and incorporate them into their art work. One student asked for a needle and of course they all wanted a needle... so off they went fusing “sewing”and “painting”.

They started out with random stitching right into the stretched unpainted canvas. Instead of the pencil doing the drawing they took the needle and thread to create the lines they wanted on their paintings.

That was a lot of fun but hard work. Once the students were satisfied with their stitched drawing they were ready to paint. I let them get acquainted with the process, gave them time to experiment and explore.

They realized that painting over the stitches while pushing hard they became part of the background and were not noticeable. On the other hand, by brushing over the stitches lightly they came to life and started dancing on the canvas. 

Some students painted many layers, others were particular on how the stitched should be noticed and some just ignored them altogether.

Here are the finished works of two students. 

Painting: 16x16 inches by Betsy (12 years old)

APPROACH: Paying no attention to the stitched lines, painting them away into the background to create the emphasis on the blended horizontal lines
RESULT: A calm composed scene conveying a sense of serenity with a hint of inquisitiveness


Painting: 12x12 inches by Mina (12 years old)

APPROACH: Emphasis on the stitches, bringing them to the foreground to create a focal point
RESULT: A vibrant cheerful painting with a lively decisive brushstroke and freedom of movement.


  1. Really interesting idea... Will try this out with my kids...

  2. Yes you should do that - may be you can make a math game out of it - counting stitches!?