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Time to make up my Mind

I thought it would be easier for me to paint the figures in an abstract way using mixed media, the same fashion I do for my abstract artwork. So I bought myself some abstract figure drawing/painting books and looked at blogs. Here are some of the books and sites I found:

Expressive Figure Drawing and Drawing the Figure

Bill Buchman Blog and Nancy Standlee Art Blog

After reading books and posts about the figure I hummed and hawed whether I was able to do this or not. For some reason I felt this 'gut-wrenching boost' coming over me and I went for it. Out came the paints and a 24x48 stretched canvas. I thought bigger must be better. I kept the details to a minimum and concentrated more on texture and colour. I wanted the figure to portray sensuality in a semi abstract fashion.

Reverie - mixed media - 24x48 on canvas

Looking at the painting now (2 years later) I would change the left side of the painting. Well, I can always do that - never too late to change or improve a painting... why not. It was fun painting "Reverie" so I did another one - this time half the size.

Shangrila - 24x24 - mixed media on canvas - sold

Don't think for a minute that this came easy.
There are at least 2 other ladies hiding behind her. I felt quite pleased with this work and thought I was on a roll. Comfortable with the size of a 24x24 canvas I attempted to paint 2 figures for my next project... Sorry I cannot show a picture because I never liked it, never finished it and never will.
I was pretty humbled by the results. I came to the conclusion that I needed to figure out the "figure" before another figure flop occurred.

So I took a look at some of the Masters.
Matisse's work and The Women of Picasso came to mind.
I like Matisse's and Pcassos' work - however it is far removed from the route I wanted to take. The women I desired to create should to be sensual not sexual, curvy not boxy, gentle and soft not bitter and stern... I think you get the drift. Well where does that leave me know? 

Stay tuned - for next week's blog post:
"Don't touch that paint"

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