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Just couldn't resist

During my Life Drawing classes at Langara College in Vancouver BC I came to the realisation that my knowledge about the anatomy of the human figure was very general and somewhat limited.

It was helpful to learn:


WHAT makes WHAT move and WHY

WHO is formed WHICH WAY

All excited about the new things I was learning, I took my pencil and pad to the mall and started drawing people standing, sitting or walking. I even drew the manikins in the store windows. I got inspired by an Artist who sketches random people right on to his iPhone: ART Magenta (see them here)

Shoping clothes, Gesture drawing by ArtMagenta.comiPhone sketch by ArtMagentaiPhone drawing by ArtMagenta.com

This was all good and fun but I missed the painting process.  I could not help it but reach for the brush and paint between the weekly drawing sessions. Our instructor was encouraging his students to bring the work we created at home to the next class. So, that is what I did.

"Out of the Blue" was born in one afternoon. I love to use mixed media in my paintings. Here I added cheese cloth, yarns and threads to create interest and a sense of mystery.

"Induglance" took two weeks to create - contrary to "Out of the Blue". I brought this painting to class and it was very well received. Just had to make a couple of small adjustments. Pleased with the results I posted "Indulgace" on my website. About a month later the painting was discovered by a friend of a co-worker. I brought the painting to her office and it sold ... I was in my GLORY !

The weeks that followed changed things around. Drawing classes ended and I was left with my books, my sketches and my notes. It was like that burning desire for the human figure went up in smoke. I did not draw a thing, not even a stick figure... What happened? I thought I was on a roll. But instead - figure drawing and painting rolled right off the map! Where is this road leading to?

Stay tuned - for next week's blog post:
"On the road again!
Up-Hill or Down-Hill is the questions?"


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