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I was left with my books, my sketches and my notes. What now?

"On the road again!

Up-Hill or Down-Hill is the question?"

For about 8 months I left my sketch pad on the shelf. I painted just one more figure.

"Out of the Deep".

I really struggled with the proportions, the masses and volume. You can see what this poor women had to endure before she emerged out of the deep. 
Click here: OUT OF THE DEEP
I love this painting and am not selling it at this time. 
It was the last figure painting I did. 

My art journey took a turn and lead me down the road of what I call “Attacktion”. In other words” Don’t waste your money on a shrink – PAINT !!!”  I produced close to 20 paintings in a relatively short time. Some of them you can find here on my website: Recent Works. Attacking the canvas with all you got and all you feel without holding back, is what I “had” to do. Spilling my gut through abstract, non-figurative work was the therapy I needed. Having said that, I must confess that I carried a silent wish throughout this “Attacktion Process”: How liberating and climatic it would have been if I only attacked the subject of the human figure with the same unhindered, expressive vitality as my abstract work. Just thinking about it sends goose bumps down my spine and makes me sweat. Surly it is possible – may be I should have just tried it. But I felt unskilled and inadequate.

Time has passed, the shrink has been shortchanged and my art journey was once again taking a curve.


Stay tuned - for next week's blog post:
"Always draw the Model!"


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