MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #16: "Cheese Cloth in a Sunset"

No "cheesy" sunset!
This 8 year old student came to class today and said: “I wanna do a sunset!” Great! I love it when students bring their ideas to class with such excitement. I noticed a high degree of anticipation with a sense of urgency in her statement.
We chatted about how she would like to start, what colors she would like to use and what the first coat should look like. My student called it: “showing the mood”.
Here is the ”mood”

At first glance I was surprised to see nothing but dark purple lines brushed on in a vertical fashion. I thought to myself that maybe she had abandoned the sunset idea. But the student simply explained that this is how she wanted it in the background behind the sun. I never argue, disagree with the artist or try to influence him or her in any way. I praised her for her array of tones and shades in her work. She was eager and ready for the next step and so was I. The student declared that the sun “had” to be massive; and that the color "pink" had to be represented in the sky.

I always have a large selection of drawing tools, mixed media supplies, textiles and tons of odds and ends laid out for the students to choose from. Students are free to pick as many or as few, even none of the materials. This student discovered the Caran d’Ache Crayons I had brought with me from a previous trip to Switzerland. She was immediately attracted to the colors and just went for it. What an amazing effect!

Later she decided to add some cheese cloth for texture. Why not!

The cheese cloth was carefully manipulated into the desired shapes and sizes.
This is when the rock was created (bottom right of the painting)

The student started painting with her fingers and used a cloths rather than the brush… fabulous!
She blended, added, fluxed, scribbled, painted, rubbed, sprayed, washed, glazed…

A true Mixed Media Artist who was proud to take home a masterpiece.

Paining: Mixed Media/Acrylic, 16x20 inches, by Tara


  1. Therese, I tried to post this reply on the youtube site but all I get is error messages. I'm so glad.
    I ADORE these cheese cloth pictures. You must be an amazing teacher to inspire these children to bring out the incredible picture.

    http://wp.me/pLGhj-3GP Your video is posted!
    Absolutely post it. The more people who are inspired to create the better!
    I love your work - particularly your portraits. Just beautiful

  2. @Judith Westerfield thanks Judith, I love teaching children art, especially those children how "want" to do it. There is a big difference between teaching children through the school system even after-school clubs compared to those who come to the studio and are there out of their own initiative.