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Always Draw the Model

Time has passed, the shrink has been shortchanged and my art journey was once again taking a curve. Only this time the going was slow. I had no direction and was mostly just pottering around the studio. I did not know where I was going. I just knew that sooner or later I would have to stop and gas up. Unexpectedly and very timely a fellow artist approached me and invited me to join their weekly in-house "life drawing session". I accepted the invitation wholeheartedly. Little did I know that these weekly art-gatherings would become my fueling station. Week by week I look forward to the challenge of drawing the models, capturing the temperament, training the eye to see... I discovered that it is not the hand that leads the pencil. The hand must blindly trust the eye to be the leader. Only then will the lines and curves, the shadows and light, the near and the far magically merge together to become a whole.

I have added some sample sketches of some poses I found to be very challenging because the models were in a "lying down" position with a deep perspective.  

"Drawing the human figure is the key to all art. No other subject is as complex and challenging, nor more rewarding and meaningful. Because the human figure is so demanding it exercises the full range of artistic skills while also requiring subtlety of perception and understanding of what is being seen. To draw the figure regularly stretches and develops the artist. There is no time when it cannot be beneficial to the sensitive soul."
I could not have said it any better.

These weekly sessions have been enjoyable and beneficial but also tiring and frustrating at times. 

Above all no matter how great the challenge - it is what gives me great satisfaction. The journey is a never ending one. But every time I put the pencil on the paper to draw the model I move a little closer inwardly toward myself. 

We are having a great time! 
Stay tuned - for next week's blog post:
"Who Cares!"


  1. I would be happy to add 195 Studios - Artists on Pemberton to my figure drawing directory if you send me the details:

  2. @Andrew
    Hi Andrew, I will get back to you regarding the details. Because I am not a Lessee of 195 Pemberton Studios I would like to find out first if it's ok to give out additional info. So stay tuned.