MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #17: "Musical Paintings"

Painting the Music vs Painting with Music

The girls brought an iPod to class and asked if they could listen to their favorite songs. Surly I was not going to say "NO". We all know that painting with music enriches the process, frees the soul and slows down the busy brain… The girls are quite a “chatty” bunch and I thought that music would keep their usual chitchat to a minimum. To my surprise the talking dwindled while a favorite song filled the studio. But… the “chatter” got louder even intense when a song came on that was not liked by all. A quick debate whether the singer was lame or cool broke the calm in the studio. Activating the FF (fast forward) button usually cleared the air quickly. I did not interfere with the opinions that were voiced as long as they kept the brush in hand and the hand engaged in painting. The girls were without a doubt in a happy mood. They kept on task with both the talking and the painting. I am not sure to this day whether it was the music on the iPod or the new paints I provided that influenced the girls to not only paint with music but actually paint the music.

One of the girls painted “headphones” with “music notes” and was particular about the background colors. 

Another student used the splatter paint technique in combination with traditional painting for the “piano keys”. 

Here are some other paintings created that afternoon. 

At the end of the day photos were taken of the finished works. 
This time we displayed them with actual instruments. 

Some weeks later I browsed through the photo file and was surprised to find out how many paintings this group of students has produced so far. To capture their passion for painting, their creativity and unique expressions I created the following video. 

Hope you enjoy it. 

This is my way to say thank you to the parents for sending their girls to art class on Sunday afternoons. I am convinced that great art is created when the creator is unhindered to express whatever needs to come forth. If popular music, bright colored paint or chit-chat helps to open the minds and hearts of the students - then I am all for it.

These days, on Sunday afternoons the studio is never silent.


  1. I never have a quiet studio the children love music to do any type of art. Love your blog!

    1. thanks so much for your comment - Music makes such a difference - I agree !!!