MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #18: "Splatter-Skins"

Painting with
What are they?

Every time the students splatter paint on a painting they are asked to do it over a large sheet of plastic on the floor in the corner of the studio. The splattered paint that lands on the plastic beyond the canvas is left there to dry. Once the splatters have dried up they are usable for the mixed media art process. They peel off in lumps and bumps. Some hang together and some break apart. 

I asked the students to collect as many splatter-skins as possible at the beginning of the class.

Each student collected the peeled off skins on a cardboard. 
Look how colorful they are and each piece differs from the other.

Next the students painted the canvas with their choice of colors. Once the first coat was dry they added the skins and glued them down with medium. The medium dries transparent and will not dull the vivid colors of the skins.
Students were asked to create a path with the skins.

After the paths was created the canvas was brought back to the splatter place. A few more splatters in a variety of tones closer to the background were added to give the painting a more integrated feel. This way the skins do not appear to just sit on top of the canvas. 

Here are the finished masterpieces


Hope you enjoyed this post.
Stay tuned for more artwork with kids.


  1. Hi Natasha,
    thanks for the comment. The kids had so much fun experimenting with this technique. We'll do some heavy duty splattering in the summer - outside. :)