5enses - Opening Reception

Five women living on Vancouver's North Shore, from diverse cultures and backgrounds who share a long-time friendship and passion for art. Twice-weekly we step out of our own studios to come together to paint, to critique each other’s work, to share ideas, and to challenge our personal artistic journeys.

5enses Opening Reception at Delany's Coffee House

I have an appreciation for the beauty of elementary shapes and forms and my compositions hover somewhat between abstraction and representation. During the creative process, spirit and intuition guide me while I try to strike a balance between careful deliberation and gestural spontaneity. Circles, ovals and spirals play an important role in my latest body of work: the Moon being my muse. Symbolic of unity and infinity … ever changing and cyclic… the Moon’s halo is a mysterious and divine form. Lori's Website  

A background of creative expression in art teaching, writing children’s books, doing pottery, quilting, and numerous other artistic endeavours was not enough for me. With my energy, emotion and life experience set to burst I was compelled to start painting. With no time for traditional approaches to art, I had to paint as free, wild and abstract as the storm of energy inside me. Using brush loads of colour that sweep from one end of the canvas to the other I create the painting that is full of my happiness, joy and good feeling about life. Catherine's Website

Every day I stumble upon the hidden beauty of ordinary, often unnoticed and disregarded subjects. My aim is to grab hold of the intense feeling this provokes in me and capture it on canvas. When I feel the same awareness of wonder stirring in me as when I first came upon the hidden beauty - I know the painting is done and art is created. 
My new series “Dare to Dream” reflects the essence of what the “Dandelion” evokes in me. Its parachutes signify dreams and possibilities, its leaves and blossoms versatility and creativity and its roots perseverance and strength. Therese's Website

Art is a flickering moment of beauty, a grasping silence.
Born in Italy, Mena Martini has lived in France, Mexico and Canada. Today she works in Vancouver as an artist and a writer. She has exhibited in Europe and in Canada, and was part of the "Italy in the World" multimedia installation at the 2011 Venice Biennale. Mena's compositions are mostly abstract, her spontaneous brushstrokes and vivid colours conveying a personal vision of nature as a reflection of the soul. Mena's Website

I love the process of creating, of delving into the unknown, of being in the moment, intuitively letting go to create balance; to risk, to veil, to try again. I enjoy playfully contrasting opacity with transparency, dark with light with an emphasis on color, line and gesture. The repeated circular motif in my work represents the moments, thoughts, struggles, joys and rewards in my life.  Sara's Website

Contact us at www.5enses.ca


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