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I have now attended "Life Drawing Sessions" on a regular basis since September 2011. I am always looking forward to pack up my board, pad and drawing utensils, make my way over to the Pemberton Studios for my weekly sessions. Yes, even though it's a mad rush to squeeze in dinner for the family between work and the class. But I would not want to miss it.

We are a small group of artists meeting every Tuesday:

The sessions always start out with the "warm-up" - short 1 and 2 minute poses. For me these "warm-up" exercises are exactly that, a limbering and loosening up. My sketches are usually unfinished and inaccurate like the example below.

To be able to draw the entire pose in 1 minute - I came to the realization that two things must occur. These are 

The two FFs 

1. F-fast - I must be quick. There is no time to look – just time to scan. My eye is scanning while my hand is printing. It is like synchronized image transfer executed by the eye and the hand simultaneously. I must not be fixated on any of the body parts. I must not think of what I see or do. There are no breaks, no stops and no diversions.

2. F-free – I must be free of concerns. In other words the best thing for me to do is to have the “Who Cares” approach. No doubts, no preconceptions, no expectations, no cares on what the result should look like. I don't have to exhibit it, I don't have to score an A and I certainly don't have to please anybody with my sketches. Uff... what  a relief!

Here are some of my “warm-up” attempts.


A great exercise is to keep the pencil or pen pressed down on the paper at all times until the sketch is completed. The drawing is created with one line. This assists me with keeping the flow – I have no choice but to move on. Try it  – it’s fun!


Another valuable exercise is to draw with the non-dominant hand. (I am right handed – so I draw with my left hand) This takes away the pressure having to draw that perfect pose because I am aware that I just surrendered my “eye-hand coordination control stick”. Give it a try – you’ll love it.


When the model is giving us a long pose and I don't want to draw all the details of the body, I do the repetitive sketching. I draw the same pose many times on the same sheet of paper. I try to do it as fast as I can, not paying attention to details. I find it interesting that the faster I go be better I like the drawing.


There are so many ways to drawing the figure in a fun, creative, loose and free way. All you have to do is try it without any preconceived or fixed ideas of what the result should look like. Be open minded and you might surprise yourself.

Stay tuned - for next week's blog post:
"At It Again"


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