Community Campaign

Rights of the Child 
North Shore Community Awareness Project 

This project is well under way. Children and communities are busy.
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See here what the kids have to say

I have been selected to do two large art projects with a group of 3 - 12 year olds. 
Today we are proud to announce that the second project has been successfully completed. 
Children worked on hands and knees for three afternoons.

Project 2

Everyone is helping!

Let's make these white canvasses sing and dance...

It's a Boy!
Nice to see the boys adding on the sports gear...

Time to paste on the pictures everyone selected...

This is what everyone has been waiting for:
PAINT, PAINT and more PAINT...

Green Shoes? Sure! Very trendy...

Painting around the yellow polka dots.
Ever so nicely and carefully... outstanding!

Hang in there dude.
Your Face is next...

Here he is playing basketball or chaising butterflies.
He is a fine dude!
A loud 'hip hip hooray' for all the kids who created him.

"The Child's Right"
Acrylic on 4 canvasses
72" high x 48 " wide

North Shore Neighbourhood House School Age Care, Norgate 
and Novaco Daycare

And now, let them enjoy each other's company.

Join us in creating a better world for 
our children, and for their future.


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