My Visit to Portland

Art In All Shapes And Forms

My friend Mena and I went for a 4-day trip to Portland, Oregon this past spring. 
We were taken by surprise to see how ART is celebrated in this small city. I do not intend to give youLabels a history lesson on Portland. You can read all about it here

We found ART in nature.

We found ART on the construction site.

We found ART in a church. 
The organist hand crafted the organ himself.

The pews were featuring ARTful workmanship.

We found ART for our feet.
Did you know that Portland has a history about socks - Yes "SOCKS"

Since 2009 the Oregon Convention Center holds an annual Sock Summit in Portland. They even have a Sock Museum. My very first art purchase was a pair of artistic socks, of course. 

Now my feet were warm. Mena and I walked miles and miles. Portland is small enough to have everything accessible within walking distance and big enough to give you a good workout while discovering the city.

We found ART to drink

Of course we would not start our daily expedition without first an espresso and a baked muffin hot out of the oven. The tiny "Courier Cafe" was handy - just around the corner from the hotel. Portland is known for the ART of Roasting and Brewing of Coffee. Read all about Portland - The Drip City.

We found ART by the river.

Off with warm feet and a full tummy to discover more ART in Portland. There was lots of ART at the  famous Open Air Saturday Market by the river. 

We found ART on the sidewalk.
One does not have to go far to find ART in Portland - it's everywhere. 
literally stumbled upon it and tripped over it... 

Check out my sidewalk ART gallery 
while Mena is taking a rest on the ARTsy fartsy concrete chair.

We found ART on the hill.

Now - off to find ART in the garden, the Japanese Gardens that is. 

I looked at ART my own way while touring the garden.
Check out what I saw... 

We found famous ART in galleries and museums.
Of course I leave the best for last.
The main reason of the trip was to visit the Mark Rothko Exhibit at the Portland ART Museum. No matter how many ART books I saw, how may films, videos, plays and photographs I saw of Rothko's work - the genuine article activates all the senses. Not only could I see his paintings, I could smell them, feel them, hear them and almost touch them. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Galleries were plentiful especially in the Pearl District. 
I could go on and on about all the other galleries and museums but I leave that for you to discover.
Go and visit Portland, Oregon, USA - it is well worth is. 

Lots to do.
Lots to see.



  1. Thanks for sharing your images of Portland and your thoughts - I'm sure Rothko was the highlight of your ARTsy weekend! Love the socks and Zen garden! Lori

    1. thanks Lori, oh yes - was so glad i saw his paintings with my own eyes, they were huge...

  2. Wow, Therese, this is fantastic...what an artistic way to talk about art!

    1. thanks Mena, so glad we did this trip - I am all game if you want to go again sometime and discover another artistic place... Glad you invited me along.

  3. Therese you just SOLD me on a visit to Portland! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You're welcome. I would go again in a flash!

  4. My husband and I were planning a trip to Portland for our summer vacation, but unfortunately we have to postpone it due to my mother becoming ill this spring. Thanks for taking us on a mini tour. It DOES look like such an artful place.

    1. Thanks for the post! I am sure you'll love it - make sure you visit the art museum, big and small galleries... fabulous variety!