The Shopping Bags

Lady in red dress: 
"Must be the first on at the sale - 
a woman with a mission will not fail"

Lady in purple jacket:
"Big deal - I'll let her get past - 
the first ones always end up last"

Poetry and Painting by Therese Lydia Joseph - July 12, 2012


  1. love the paintings and the poem.
    I do hope it was alright that I re-posted your last portrait and poem with links to your site. You have given me permission before so I took a leap of faith and re-posted.
    Lydia If you wish I can take the post down.

    1. No problem - I don't mind at all. That's what it is about - sharing. I share a lot of other artist's work but always make sure they get the credit for it.
      Thanks for posting my work. Have a great week.