30 years later

Wow I can't believe it myself. I have been married to my 'One and Only for 30 years. 
Saj and I got married on August 7, 1982 in Blumenstein, Bern, Switzerland.

It was quite a rescue mission!

This is a photograph of our wedding day embedded in a mixed media painting.

After our honeymoon we moved to North Vancouver, Canada where we settled, raised a family and pursued our careers.
As a tribute to our 30th wedding anniversary I challenged myself to come up with 30 thoughts why I would relive the past 30 years all over again:

1.      A ton of shared memories - the good the bad and the ugly

2.      Many walks together - conquering hard times

3.      Partners In Crime (never got caught yet)

4.      Best Buddies after a fight or at least a week later

5.      There for each other even if we are apart

6.      Unable to keep secrets from each other (darn!) 

7.      Coffee Shop Couple - even though he gave up coffee

8.      Gourmet Pair - knows the best restaurants - it's his job

9.      He never gets mad if dinner is not made as long as I hand over the Swiss Chocolate

10.  If I ask him to cook – he takes me out for dinner

11.  He thinks my Chocolate Mousse is matchless ... mmm...

12.  Lazy times together - couch potato times

13.  Shared beliefs, values and trust - seeing eye to eye 

14.  Raising two wonderful sons - we are proud of

15.  Great Dad to our kids even if they don't agree with each other

16.  He still makes me laugh - still finds a joke for every moment

17.  There are no dull moments except when he naps during the day

18.  He never gets mad if the house is dirty - he does not see it

19.  He hates gardening – good thing he likes the gardener

20.  He cleans his car and gets our son to clean mine

21.  He never checks how much of his money I spend on myself

22.  He always checks how much of his money he spends on himself

23.  He does not care for pets – neither do I

24.  He calls me if he is 10 minutes late because he missed me (I think)

25.  He does not make me do the laundry if he runs out of underwear – he buys a new pack

26.  We hold hands in church like a good old couple does

27.  I am allowed to have a headache, a backache or even a tummy ache

28.  He stays out of my hair when I am in the studio – because I told him to

29.  He changes his shirt if I feel it does not go with the suit – I am the visual artist

30.  I still beat him in most card games and I like it because he hates it.

Prince Charming did it - out of the "OLD" and into the "NEW" 

31. BONUS: Do you think we last another few years? How many? Why?


  1. Therese, this is a WONDERFUL post. Congratulations.
    and thanks for the smile as I read your list.

    Here's to another 30 years . . . at least

    1. Thanks Judith, I run the post by my hubby BUT only after it was already posted.... that's the way we do things. lol