MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #19: "Tape Up The Painting


The student brought the picture of a painting (left) to class and wanted to create a landscape similar to this one but adding her own ideas and interpretation. We discussed techniques, styles and came up with a really fun idea!.

In today's class we used a lot of tape -
really skinny tape that is.

There is no need to explain the process - the pictures will tell the story.
The only thing I like to add is if you are iterested in doing a painting with tape, you have to be patient and paint many layers, blow dry inbetween layers and wait to the very end to take all of the tape off.

Here we go - Sahra's Landscape called "Mountain Valley"

Time to take the tape off - let the MAGIC begin...

1...                             2...                             3...

and voilà - A MASTERPIECE !!!

Here is another student's tape work - another MASTERPIECE...

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