The Scarlet Rope

From Harlot to Heroine
This is Rahab and the scarlet rope. Read the story of Rahab below.

Painting: "The Scarlet Rope" - 16x16, mixed media on canvas - July 20, 2012

Joshua wanted to take the city of Jericho. He sent two spies in and Rahab, the prostitute took them in and hid them from the king. The spies climbed down a scarlet rope through Rahab's window. Her house was part of the city walls. The spies and Rahab had a deal that they would spare Rahab, her sister and her household during the take down of Jericho. Rahab had to make sure the scarlet rope was hanging out the window so the soldiers would recognize the house and would save the people in it. Find out what happened to Rahab, the prostitute when the walls of Jericho came down... click here


  1. As always Therese, your use of color inspires me.

  2. Your feedback is much appreciated - as always - you are so kind.