MIXED MEDIA ART LESSONS FOR KIDS Class #20: "Under the Knife"

KNIFE WORK 101 - 'The Line'

My friend and colleague gave me one of her paintings about two years ago. It is still hanging in the studio next to my office desk.
My 10 year old student asked if she could do a painting like the one of my friend. This particular painting was done with a brush and a pallet knife. So before the next class I went to the local art supply store and bought some of those white plastic palette tools intended for knife work.

The Study

First the student painted two small canvases (8x8 inches) in a color of her choice. I showed her how to use the different shaped knives, how to mix and load the paint, how to make skinny marks, and how to make wide and fat marks, how to make short stubby lines and long dragged out lines. She was asked to simply practice making horizontal and vertical marks.

The student realized that using a knife is not as easy as it looks.
It is a learned skill. 

This is what the small canvases looked like once the student felt the practice was over and she was ready for the big painting.

The Original

- Learning the basics about perspective
- Using chalk to draw the lines

- Choosing composition
- Painting white color first

- Mixing shades of gray
- painting all the buildings leaving little black

- start the knife work
- using black color first then mixing various shades of gray and finally finishing up with white

The Result 


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