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Three hours of 
looking, eyeing and spying, 
drawing, sketching and scribbling, 
measuring, evaluating and guessing... one can get quite tired. 
After two hours of focusing on all the above I could have packed up and left. I was exhausted. 
One of my fellow artists told me to try drawing without looking at the paper - just to follow the contours of the body with my eyes and let the pencil follow the eyes. It was IMPORTANT to draw slowly trying not to lift the pen off the paper and of course without looking. 
I did just that and the result were amazing. I liked it. So I am sharing it with you. 

I call these 
'slow' and 'blind' drawings by 
Mrs Picasso Pencil Poetry Pictures (PPPP) 

They remind me a bit of Picasso's sketches, 
specially the feet and the thighs.

 This was a fun exercise.

 I forgot all about being tired 
 and could have gone on for a while longer. 

Try it sometime. 

It takes all the pressure off trying to be precise and realistic. 

Stay tuned - for next blog post:
"Who Knows What's Next "


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