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It has been a while since I posted news about my "Life-Drawing" experience

Life-drawing sessions at 195 Pemberton ended in June. Everyone took a two months break, focused on vacation, summer heat and relaxation. Now that the kids are back in school, we at 195 Pemberton also are back in class. Life drawing is back on track. I certainly was very rusty, my first few figures looked off', 'ape-like' and distorted. After just 4 sessions - I saw much improvement.

I like to share some drawings of today's class. Our model was "Francis" a 69 year old male. He was giving us some great poses during our 3 hour long session. I photographed (with permission) all the sketches of the same 20 minute long pose. The pictures are posted in sequence - from the left of the model to the right (clockwise). I hope you will notice the various angles and perspectives of the same position. See how the head of the male starts out on the left and ends up on the right...

Today's class was the last one at 195 Pemberton - we are moving to a new location. So we did not just draw we ate, drank and celebrated both the good old times and the future plans for our "life-drawing club".

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  1. Very nice post, i like the pictures and also the different perspective we can see on the drawings :-)

  2. Thanks Sandrine, will see you tonight for another fun session!