A knife in the hands of a student

My student, a young girl came to class today wishing to start a painting entirely done with a palette knife. We discussed color scheme composition and type of knifing effect. I did a lot of listening. My student ultimately made all the decisions - I mostly posed the questions.
During the process I frequently asked my student to step away from the painting and communicate what feeling her artwork evoked so far, what in her opinion should be changed, what she liked, what bothered her etc. I was really surprised how my student managed to put herself in the position of the viewer, how she explained what her eyes saw and were attracted too, how her eyes traveled around from mark to mark, line to line and color to color... I think we both learned to see and look a little better today.

Here are some pictures of the completed artwork... in my student's mind and certainly in my mind - a masterpiece.

There is only one thing missing.... 
Do you want to know what that is?
Well then keep looking and scroll down slowly...

 24x24 acrylic, entirely created with a palette knife

 photos posted by permission ZKL

 The only thing missing is the title for the painting... as soon as my student informs me of the name of this stunning artwork I will proudly add it to my blog.


  1. Beautiful painting - love the colours - I also love the pallette knife! well done!

    1. Thanks Eileen, the student and her mom were very pleased with the outcome...

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Laura, we were astonished how fast it was done. It took 2 hours. I take a lot longer for all my paintings at least most of the time.