GIVING AWAY MY PANTING - It could be yours!

Yes - It's true...
I am giving away this very hot and spicy painting, entitled "Red Sultana". 
She will add zest and zing to your life, empower you to press on and chase your dreams...

Red Sultana
mixed media

Here is how to win "Red Sultana"

Send Red Sultana on a trip around the world via facebook and twitter. Have her meet as many people as possible and let her be seen on every computer screen, iPad, iPhone etc.

- promote this post through twitter or facebook  
- go find Red Sultana on my facebook page and share it 
- go find Red Sultana on my website and share it on facebook or twitter

DON'T FORGET to link your efforts back to me so I know you shared it.
here are my links:
My twitter name: @thereseljoseph
My facebook art page: https://www.facebook.com/ThereseLydiaJoseph

THE WINNER will be the person who gave Red Sultana the trip of a lifetime
THE WINNER will be the person who shared her face the most
THE WINNER will be announced on August 1st 2013 - Her Birthday
THE WINNER will receive the painting by mail free of charge within Canada
THE WINNER will pick up the remainder of the mailing charge if shipped outside Canada


Update: August 5th 2013

The winner of the painting met me at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver and was very happy to receive "Red Sultana". Here is a picture to capture the happy moment:


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