one could say from...
                             WILD to ORDERLY
                             CRAZY to ACCUSTOMED
                             ABSTRACT to CONCRETE
                             MYSTERIOUS to EVIDENT
                             UNEXPLAINED to APPARENT

The following paintings are my latest works. All started with intuitive automatic drawing and enthusiastic scribbles. After initial mark making I used 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch brushes to apply a selected range of colors. Brush strokes were intuitive and used without thought of right or wrong - do's or don'ts. I felt free to splatter, dribble, and smudge - I drew over the dried paint and scratched the wet. No rules!
Once satisfied a piece at a nonrepresentational stage, I looked at the work for a while and pondered what to do with it. The longer I gazed upon a work the more I saw in it. I began to see what it should become. 
Intending to convey a message through the figures, I continued on. My focus was on the message rather than the correct dimensions of the figures themselves. The hard part was to form the figures just with as much energy and intuitiveness as in the  nonrepresentational stage. I hope my work draws the viewer in and lets him/her discover the story told. 

nonrepresentational stage 

finished work
30x36 in, acylic on canvas

nonrepresentational stage

finished work:
"Mom Knows Best"
30x36 in, acrylic on canvas

Please check out my website for more work executed the same way 

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