FUN at Harmony Arts Festival

The first weekend of Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver is now over...

We, the 5enses showed our art at in a double tent right across from the SilkPurse Gallery.

Arriving on Friday 11 am to an empty tent.

Everyone was buys hanging paintings, attaching labels, adding lights and arranging their space to make it look just right.

People came from far - Europe, US, Australia, Hong-Kong, India...
People came from near - I got to meet neighbors I did not know I had.

Artist checked us out - and we connected and talked about art for hours.
Art-Lover lingered around - and we shared our work and sold our art.

Friends arrived - friends we had not met for months or years.
Friends arrived - friends we forgot we had.

We had 4 fantastic days, full of laughter and plenty of sunshine.
Hugs and smiles were freely given.
Live music filled the air.
Fresh crepes, falafel, yam fries and espresso kept us going.

We were entertained the whole day through by:
kids with runny ice cream cones,
ladies with puppies, fancy hats and brightly colored purses,
gentlemen in uniforms, shaved heads and checkered shorts,
grannies with walkers and grandpas with scooters,
people dressed smartly and people dresses skimpily,
folks with money and folks who wished they could afford to buy our paintings,
people who adored, analysed, inspected or ignored our work,
young men and women jogging and cycling by,
artsy teens with dreadlocks and baggy pants,
happy teens with girlfriends and grumpy teens with parents,
professors, curators and artists happily giving critiques and advise about our work,
Italian friends sharing biscotties, gnocchi and fresh figs with a smile,
all in all the time flew by, the weekend was over, the paintings came down,
husbands and sons came to help us dismantle the booth.

Would we do it again next year? It's a YES for me.

NOW GO AND CATCH THE LAST WEEKEND OF HARMONY ARTS - but it won't be the same without the 5enses.

For more pictures check out the official Harmony Arts Blog  


  1. ~ thanks for the fun photos .. my first summer of not being there as a volunteer - shoot! Sure looks inviting tho'!

  2. Hi Caroline,
    it was by far the most enjoyable festival I ever attended, a feast for your eyes, your ears and taste-buds too.