FROM "iPhone" TO "i did it"

My student arrived with a 20x24 inch canvas and her iPhone.
"I want to make the painting on my iPhone and I really really want to finish it today and take it home." I paused... and said: "ok?! Show me the picture". I do not like to rush students, neither do I like it if they hurry through a lesson. "Let's see how it goes, it is your painting that will decide when it is done and how long it will take", I said to encourage her to focus on the process, rather than the clock.
Long story short... the painting got done in just under 2 hours with a lot of teamwork, organisation and quick planing.

She began with pasting newspaper and tissue paper strips with medium, to create horizontal lines and texture suitable for a landscape.

Once the paper had been added we helped the drying process along with a blow dryer.

45 min. later, we had not started painting the pretty colours yet. Was I panicking? No! The student was so engaged in her work, she forgot to check the clock. A good thing.

While I was still blow drying the thicker parts of the newspaper collage the student began to paint the dry parts of the canvas with dark neutral brown/gray. We call it "GOOK and GUCK". Periodically I turned the painting around to give the student space to paint. While she was busy filling in all white areas, standing on the left - I was blow drying and sweating away, standing on the right. In the photo above - she just finishes the last little bit.

Then out came the pretty colours. The student used the dry brush technique and started with the darkest colour at the bottom of the painting. Next she blended the reds, the oranges, the yellows and last the whites.

Then she went over the painting again but this time starting from the top - light to dark.
We were both so into it I totally forgot to take pictures of the process. Sorry! I just managed to take a picture of the finished work before the mother came to pick up her daughter.

Success - the mother liked the painting. The student was thrilled to take it home and I enjoyed the fact that everyone was happy.


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