A few years ago I started painting faces. Well, not really! The first few faces 'actually' did not have a face at all - no eyes, nose, mouth or eyebrows. There was just a suggestion, a hint of personality and character. The rest was up to the viewer to discover.

About one year later the faces began to show more distinctive features. The face became divided into two parts. I call it 'dual disposition'. I believe that most people have more than one side to them. We often show one side to a certain group of people and the other side we only show to ourselves or to those we love or hurt the most.

This 'two-sided temperament condition' began to intrigue me. I explored different personality styles and tried to embed them into my portraits. Eyes, noses and mouths gradually appeared.

This is when I started to have a conversation with the 'person' on my easel. From there onward the personalities became stronger, colors became more vivid. The 'split' down the middle of the face became more pronounced as well.

The facial features started to take on a style of their own. The faces often portrayed a small chin, small lips, a long nose and always a pensive look.


I thoroughly enjoy creating these imaginary people. But even though they are created purely by intuition they do remind me of people I actually know.
About one year ago I began to implement torn newspaper clippings on the empty canvas before starting to paint. I created a composition of newspaper collage. The purpose was mostly to create texture.

Also around the same time I created my first male portrait - "The Beloved" above left. Followed by "No Kidding" above right.
The newspaper collaging became an important part of my portraits. Not only for texture but also for interest. The text and the images I tore from the newspaper and flyers took on more and more importance.

I could spend hours looking for the right words, sentences or illustrations. Even objects like grapes, shoes, tools, wine bottles, sweaters or comic strips and so on... were keeping me inspired. I experienced a creative overflow with all the possibilities.

Last summer (2013) my friend, Iris Low and I submitted a proposal and applied for the Don S. Williams Grant through the local Art's Office, FANS (The Funds for the Arts on the North Shore).
On November 8, 2013 we each received the funds during the ceremony of the Awards Night at the Gordon Smith Gallery in North Vancouver. Our goal is to create between 28 - 52 faces representing the the multiculturalism of the North Shore. Both of us live on the North Shore of Vancouver and are thrilled to take on this project.
Ever since then I have been busy producing faces using clippings from the North Shore Newspaper.
We launched a Facebook Page, Faces of the North Shore - find us there, like our page and follow the progress.

In February 2014 I will also be part of a show entitled "About Face" at the CityScape Gallery in North Vancouver.

Who knows where my faces will take me next. But so far it has been a fun and colorful journey.

To view the all the faces in a larger format >>> click here


  1. wow, very impressing paintings, love the colors.
    your blog is so nice, macht spaß. so viele interessante themen :-)

    1. thanks so much Tina :) I appreciate your comments :)