Kids and their Faces


Some time ago I proposed an idea for an art exhibition at a local Gallery. My proposal was about the human face, a show where artists from near and far could submit artwork of faces and portraits executed in all sorts of mediums, styles and interpretations. My proposal was accepted. North Vancouver Community Arts Council is hosting the exhibition at CityScape Gallery here in North Vancouver, BC Canada. The show entitled 'ABOUT FACE' is on from January 30 - March 1, 2014. Twenty-eight artists are represented. Their paintings, photography and sculptures focus solely on the human face, capturing the essence of the subject through approach and medium. The works strongly embody expressive and emotive sensibilities rendered in realistic, impressionistic and semi-abstracted styles.

Today (Saturday Feb 1, 2014) I held a workshop for children ages 8 and up. Ten children signed up - but 19 children showed up !!! After a quick tour through the gallery and a short demo children were each given a 8x8 inch canvas. The project was done in two parts.

>>> First the children could tear out pictures, text or words from newspapers and magazines and paste them on their canvas - any way they pleased.

>>> Next they were given acrylic paints, a variety of brushes to paint over the collage, letting some of the pictures and words show through the paint or leave them unpainted all together. Children were encouraged to paint a face. Some children were compelled to create an abstract work of art.

Everyone was into it! It was delightful to see all the children creating one masterpiece after another. There was a lot of personality and expression in their work. We all had a fun Saturday afternoon.

Many thanks to the children who participated. I very much appreciated the help of my artist friend, Iris Low and the volunteer from the North Vancouver Community Arts Council.


The Nutcrackers:

The Holiday Makers:

The Naturals:

Our youngest participant's abstract artwork:

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  1. These are really great Therese and a fantastic component to your About Face exhibition which should be a huge success. Bravo!

  2. Wonderful idea brought to fruition - congratulations! Love the children's artwork.

  3. Such creative, enthusiastic young folk! Impressive capabilities! Kudos Therese for giving such a great opportunity in providing that Artistic outlet for these young minds. Love what you've done.

    1. Thanks you Carmen for your comment. This job is a very rewarding one!