Landscape in French

March 7, 2014 I was at Pauline Johnson French Immersion Elementary School practicing my French.

Standing in front of 28 grade 5 students with their eyes and ears glued on me, I made it through the introduction of the proposed art project. 

Once we started picking, ripping and tearing out pieces of newspaper, French was flowing and so was the glue. 

I called upon the BUILDERS and the ENGINEERING among the kids to create a cityscape with a peaceful waterfront. They collaged the already selected pictures to the surface of the canvas - pictures of sofas, crosswords, suitcases, fast cars, groceries, stock market results, real estate, fashion, and tons of fun words and phrases.

Then I asked the ARCHITECTS and SURVEYORS among this fine bunch of 10 year olds to ensure that the buildings were perpendicular. They added interest and appeal to the structures. 

Next in line were the DESIGN and ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS. They had to make sure the water was pure and transparent; the air was clear and clean; the streets, alleys and waterfront were attractive and inviting. 

Last but not least we had the INSPECTORS, a group of kids to come and finish up the painting. They added final touches and gave the seal of approval. 

Everyone - teacher, class parents, kids and me the FREELANCER had a great time and were pleased with the results. 

This project was done in 2 hours - this was possible because of great teamwork, creativity and a positive attitude of all the grade 5 students at Pauline Johnson School.  


  1. Creative, fun process and the product is wonderful - worthy of framing on the wall.

    1. Thank you Judith. This was a fun class for all. I'll do it again in a heartbeat.