Do you miss your paintings and regret you sold them?

I don't know if I am the only artist feeling lonely?
Not because I lack friends, family and fellow artists. I have plenty of those. I feel deserted and left behind because some of my artwork has moved on to a new place, a new life and it no longer includes me.
Like these three ladies here:

 "Fuchsia"                                "Chili"                                       "Mauve"

Honestly: "I miss them all".

Sometimes when I look at images of paintings I sold, I get overwhelmed with a sense of regret. I wish I had held on to them. I can best compare it with the emotional ride I embark on every time I look at the family album. Oh how I wish I could turn the clock back to relive those precious moments.... 

Family get-togethers from one side of the world to the other.

(left) our children with grandpa in India
(right) our son visiting grandma in Switzerland

(left) Wanting to be just like Dad
(right) Family trip before the youngsters leave the nest

I can totally understand and justify getting all wrapped up in an emotional tangle over my own children's and my parents memories. But to feel this way about a painting I created seems to be "Nostalgia in Excess". Family is flesh and blood but a painting is just a material thing.

(left) This painting grew on me. I had it for about 2 ½ years before it sold. Still felt a sense of loss when I shipped it overseas.  
(right) This painting sold in 2013 - I miss my teen. 

Like the majority of artists, I do put my heart and soul into my work. When the work sells I often get thrown into temporary “separation anxiety mode". Normally it dwindles away fairly quickly. I don't have difficulties parting with things like household items, clothes, accessories, tools, books, cds  etc. I am a firm believer in "Less is More". But there are a few paintings which are now in the hands of new families and new owners - and I miss them. On one hand I can justify the difficulties to detach myself from a piece of art I created. On the other hand I struggle with accepting that after three or four years I still feel a knot in my stomach when I look at the image of some of my sold work. 

I wonder if other artists
- travel the road of nostalgia and regret?
- feel homesick for their own artwork after it sold? 
- wish they could get their artwork back?

Drop me a line and share your experience.


  1. Paintings are your creation - no different than a physical human birth. (we just usually don't admit to favorites . . .)!!!!

  2. yes Judith, some birth are hard and long, others are quick and without much pain... but "they" are all the artist's children, product and creation like you say. Thanks for dropping me a line.

  3. hi therese,
    an interesting theme! i can see your point - my paintings are my babies in a way. and some are my personal favorite owns. if somebody likes to buy them, i make them expensive lol. i miss some of my sold works, but im glad that all the childs are in different countries, its good for an artist to spread his art... i often think, one day im not longer here, but my art is. :-) liebe grüße! tina

    1. very well said, Tina, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. I still have your 3 little paintings in the same place and pass them several times a day. Still love them like my own... lol. Wishing you lots of creative moments that are satisfying, enriching and healing. Therese