What to do with old paintings?

Roll them up and ship them out!

A couple of weeks ago I got into cleaning mode - or I should say into 'clearing mode'. I had to make space for my son's home gym - a monster in the house. So I started cleaning out my sewing, knitting and quilting armoire. Then moved over to the studio to see what I don't need any longer. Well, an hour later I dragged 42 paintings on paper out the door... sizes from 48x48 in down to 12x12 in.

With mixed feelings of 

I made 4 piles 

 I rolled up the giants, square heads, skinnies and cry babies
brought them to the recycling depot.


I very quickly got over the fear of loosing something valuable and irreplaceable. Parting with these old works is in fact was
liberating. It brought about a sense of newness, excitement and hope for better things. You should try it. Get rid of old works if it is no longer a true representation of your art making at this time. If you have outgrown it because you emerged as an artist - get rid of it. If you have changed your style and evolved into a new direction - get rid of it. BUT having said that, I would encourage you to keep at least 1 - 3 works. So you can look back and smile. So you can see the progress and go on your artistic journey again and again.


  1. - verschenken
    - übermalen
    - lagern, und 3 jahre später wieder anschauen

    1. yes all of that I have done too.... then one day I just had to get rid of them "for good" and move on.