Painted Words 1 - A Collaboration

For The Ladies Over 50

to all my girlfriends...and yes i know we are grown women, but i will always call you my girlfriends...i just came inside from sitting on the porch having my evening cup of coffee (de-caf, of course) and i was observing all the kick-ass women walking by and i am talking the over 50 and 60 crowd...and they are stylish, and some talk to themselves, and some stop and take pictures of the beautiful fall trees...and we all acknowledge each other with a smile or a nod and once in a while a brief chat,,,and it just reminds me of the sisterhood we all share at this age...we all have that respect for each other knowing we have shared similar journey's in this up and down roller coaster of life...and i love the quiet acknowledgement we give each other....that says..good on ya gal

Footnote: Currently Jennifer Page focuses on a new career as a creative writer....brief vignettes on her observations, thoughts and emotions on life's journey...capturing words of moments just as a photographer would take a photo... "Would love the opportunity to model, representing mature women in the fashion industry...lovely gray..a true untapped market i believe. However...i still enjoy being a facilitator(see below)...and will look for ways to weave that in with my love for writing.", says Jennifer.
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  1. Perfect timing on your post - I'm turning 70 on Friday so please include another decade!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoyed your collaboration.

    1. thanks Judith, happy birthday - hope your special day will be filled with fun, fine friends and fabulous food and fireworks. :)