Painted Words 2 - A Collaboration


I am feeling the emotions of making a decision...
a big decisions..the one that carries deep emotions
the kind of decision where there is no black or white
the grey decision......the hardest of all
and as i ride the waves of emotions that roll over my heart
i wait for the dust to settle...to see where my decision leads me

Footnote: Currently Jennifer Page focuses on a new career as a creative writer....brief vignettes on her observations, thoughts and emotions on life's journey...capturing words of moments just as a photographer would take a photo... "Would love the opportunity to model, representing mature women in the fashion industry...lovely gray..a true untapped market i believe. However...i still enjoy being a facilitator(see below)...and will look for ways to weave that in with my love for writing.", says Jennifer.
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    1. thanks Judith, Jennifer definitely has a way with words. This collaboration with my art and her writing fits quite well.