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why we need you

I promise...pinkie swear and double cross...there will be absolutely no male bashing what so ever in this read. Gentlemen...please hear me out as i explain in my humble opinion, what is sorely missing for women who would like to pursue leadership roles.

Our stories..... images of us......you as men quoting us in the boardrooms. You as Ceo's.... Presidents..... Fathers.... Coaches.... Director's...holding up pictures of women who have accomplished amazing feats.

I can honestly say that during my 12 plus years in the telecommunications industry, not once did any male that led the meetings I attended, refer to a great woman in history who had in someway or another been a role model of success. Not one book written by a woman was ever handed to me by a male in a position of power, on how to succeed. And being true to my earlier promise, i am truly not bashing you, i am just making an observation.

You see, the deal is we all have a human need to see an image of ourselves up on "the screen of life" and I believe we need the gentlemen of this world to start being "the producers" of this film. We need you to refer to us as role models in your boardrooms, your staff meetings, in the stories you are sharing with your daughters.

We as women of course can, and are doing this, for ourselves......however, I believe that the gentlemen out there have a certain power.....and when it is used graciously .... it gives credence to a women's voice.

Although i was born and currently live in Canada, I spent most of my life living in the United States. If you think about it..... to date, not one of our U.S. Presidents can ever refer to a former female President..... when he is quoting history. Our Presidents, our history books, the media...no one can show a picture of a female President. And though this very simple fact may seem trivial to you....for one moment..... i ask you to stop.... and realize that we collectively as women have never.... ever... seen our image reflected back to us in the most powerful position in our country.

So gentlemen...i am asking you to step out of your comfort zone. I am asking you to empower women by referring to our historic work and quoting us in your next staff meeting. Perhaps... talk about Amelia Earhart.... when you want to motivate your staff. Speak... about Helen Keller..... when you are encouraging your employees to overcome a difficult setback. Showcase.... Oprah Winfrey... when you speak on how to grow a business.

Talk to your daughters about the incredible female doctor who may have saved your friends life. Tell your son's about the female engineer who came up with the solution at work today.

I don't expect it will feel natural to quote a woman.

But, I encourage you to give it a try.......you have a tremendous power to mold the future landscape for the women in your lives

Artwork: "Horse Whisperer"... by,Therese Lydia Joseph,  www.therese-joseph.com


jennifer lynn page.... about me: i love to write about the human experience,my observations on life. Short vignettes, that i hope allows the reader to stop for a moment, and reflect on the simple nuances we encounter in our daily lives.

I collaborate with artist from around the world. Picking pieces that capture a visual image of the underlying meanings of my writings.

I love how this particular painting, is symbolic of the underlying meaning of my article...behind the face of this beautiful woman, a man is intertwined in the work. Therese, the artist, painted the woman's face over a collage of a cowboy riding a bucking horse. Please check out Therese's blog (below) if you would like to see how she uniquely crafted this piece


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