Painted Words 4 - A Collaboration

a survivor's perspective

Text by Jennifer Page

I am not sure why i think this subject belongs on a business site...and perhaps it does not. perhaps it is totally irrelevant to the bottom line, the customer experience, employee moral, giving motivational speeches, acquiring investors, data analytic's, product development..etc. etc etc.

but...i am going to write about it anyway....simply because my instincts tell me it does belong on linkedin. and as always, since we still have freedom of speech in this country...you, the businesses woman, the marketing guru, the SEO. the CEO, the artist, the teacher, the electrician, the investor, the engineer...you get to weigh in..... you get the choice to read this or not..you get the choice to comment...you get to voice your opinion..... and me....i get to write.

P.T.S.D ..post traumatic stress disorder is what this acronym stands for.... (not to be confused with P.M.S.) in case you have not come across the acronym before.

In its most simplistic form..what it truly is...is the bodies reaction to trauma. overwhelming and unprocessed trauma. and the deal is, if you have it...your mind has basically taken your body hostage....and at the end of the day...your are flooded with an overwhelming sense of shame. not because you did anything wrong,not because you were born with it....but because something so traumatic happened in your life, where you simply had no control...that your brain decide to freeze up..to zone out..to block out..to go on hiatus...so that you could continue living.

and when and if your brain begins to thaw out......hold on for the nightmare of your life. you will begin to fight a battle for survival that no human being can adequately put words to...no artist has a canvass, tall or wide enough to paint the emotions you will feel...no doctor will be able to give you a pill to make the demons go away.

you will have to crawl your way through hell and back...you will have to dig deeper into your soul than you ever thought possible, your body will shake to the bone releasing the terror, you will want to die and live at the same time... and you will pray to the gods... to give your brain.... just five....five simple minutes.... to be still.

and when you begin to come out the other side...when your body and mind gently slows down, when you have done the work so that you can breathe again.. .when you rise up to greet the day.....i pray...that you take that ugly word ...shame... that held you down from pursuing your dreams, that kept you back from taking that promotion, that froze you in your tracks from giving that speech, that fooled you into thinking that you did not deserve that raise, ...i pray that you take that word and tell it "to get lost"....

and as you walk out that door..and muster up the courage.... to begin your life again...hold your head up high, your shoulders back and strut back into this world...knowing who and what you truly are...


"A Diamond is Forever".......the strength and beauty that lies below the wounds
.Artwork by ,Therese Lydia Joseph www.therese-joseph.com


what Jennifer Page says about herself: i love to write about the human experience,my observations on life. Short vignettes, that i hope allows the reader to stop for a moment, and reflect on the simple nuances we encounter in our daily lives.

I collaborate with artist from around the world. Picking pieces that capture a visual image of the underlying meanings of my writings.


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